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Pets to Bring into Malta

Malta is a member of the Pet Travel Scheme which allows pet carnivores (dogs, cats and ferrets) from any of the countries covered by the scheme, to enter Malta without quarantine provided they meet specified anti-rabies, blood sampling and anti-worm/ anti-tick hygiene requirements. The pet must be micro-chipped, vaccinated against rabies and blood tested, and can be brought into Malta only after six months have elapsed after a satisfactory blood test.

To qualify for the scheme, the pet must:

1. Be fitted with a microchip.

2. Be vaccinated against rabies.

3. Be blood tested. The result of the sieroneutralisation titre test must show that the vaccine has given the pet animal satisfactory protection against rabies, i.e. that the pet animal has a titre equal to or greater than 0.5. IU/ml.

4. Be issued with an Official Pet Passport (or a Pet Travel Scheme Certificate, which remains valid according to the validity period indicated on the Certificate) issued by the Competent Veterinary Authorities of the Country of origin (for pet animals residing in Malta that travel to another country and require a Pet Travel Scheme Certificate to re-enter Malta, this is issued by the Food and Veterinary Regulation Division).

5. Be treated with praziquantel for tapeworm and with fiprinol for ticks 24-48 hours before commencing the journey for Malta.

Other types of animals, and dogs and cats from countries not covered by the Scheme, have to be put into quarantine when entering Malta.




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