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Entertainment & Nightlife in Malta


Typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Islanders' approach to life is to enjoy and celebrate it as much as possible. Nightlife on the Islands is always bustling - even if the vibrant calendar of events is lean during some periods, there are always scores of clubs to visit, excellent wine bars and first-rate restaurants to try.

The Islands have an effervescent calendar of cultural events to see, such as the Summer Malta Arts Festival, the Valletta Baroque Festival, the Opera Festival, the Choir Festival and the International Jazz Festival held in July.

Major music concerts (Sting, Roger Waters, Sir Bob Geldof, Elton John) are held all summer long by individual organisers, attracting massive crowds of both tourists and locals alike.

Bars & Clubs

Diversity and new clubbing experiences is what makes Malta's nightlife unique and exciting. Laid back wine bars are increasingly popular among young professionals and the more discriminating tourists, and are popping up in the kantinas of some of the more picturesque, historic cities and towns, including Valletta and Vittoriosa. They typically offer a mix of local and foreign wines, traditional Maltese appetiser platters, and occasionally, live entertainment. Pubs, especially Irish pubs, are often the meeting place of choice for the start of a night of clubbing.

Paceville (St. Julian's area) offers a wide array of clubs and bars to suit most musical tastes. All clubs are concentrated in the centre of Paceville and the area is always full of party people on weekends and radiates with energy. There is something for everyone: trance clubs, R&B and hip-hop joints, salsa bars and alternative/ rock bars. Besides clubs, you will also find other kinds of entertainment in Paceville, including Malta's largest cinema, a bowling alley, sports bars and gentlemen's clubs.

Paceville is pretty easy to reach from practically anywhere in Malta by public transport. The cheapest way to get there is probably a trip by bus, although regular line buses do not cater for late night trips. There are very good alternatives though: Extra line buses depart from Paceville between midnight and 1am, with various destinations all over the island, and for those who prefer partying till the early hours of the morning the so-called "Free phone taxis" are a good option to keep in mind. This is a taxi service which offers grouped taxi rides at highly reduced rates.

If you love clubbing then you should definitely not miss out on the fantastic open air parties that take place in a number of venues in Malta and Gozo. Look out for well-known clubs like Gianpula and Numero Uno. They are not easy to reach by public transport, but hiring bus transport for the evening is not very expensive and well worth it.

Gianpula is a club situated a more rural area, surrounded by fields, close to the old cities of Mdina and Rabat in the Eastern part of Malta. The club's based in the huge back yard of a classic villa and is divided up in two areas, to suit trance/ club and R&B/ Hip-hop fans alike. Great and friendly atmosphere, particularly on Fridays when many Maltese youths come to unwind after a long week of work/ studying.

Folk & Band Music

Band music is one of the most popular traditions on the Islands. Every town and village has at least one, usually two, band clubs. Band music is taken seriously here, and is the mainstay of many open-air events. The highlight of the year for band music is the parish festa. If this is your style of music, you will find a variety of band marches and performances throughout the year in various locations.

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